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Your Guide to Everything You’ll Need to Know About VR Porn

VirtualPorn360 releases an info graphic revealing stunning details about virtual reality porn.

VR porn is now the fastest growing product on the planet of porn resulting to the high increase of Virtual Reality headset development in the market. The VR headsets has revolutionized the visualization of its enthusiasts by transporting them in a virtual dimension with their favorite porn star. In which more and more individuals has increasingly switched from seeing the regular online porn to diving into a virtual reality experience.

VirtualPorn360 introduced the most significant facts about the booming business of VR Porn.

Who are the VR Porn lovers?

Research shows that 54% of VR Porn customers are in the age bracket between 18 to 34 years aged, 38% are in the range of 35 to 54 and only 8% are over the age of 55. This goes together with their kinship to technology.

As predicted, men are the highest viewers of VR Porn. Yet, nearly a quarter of the customers are women.

Which states are most addicted to VR Porn?

One would think Japan, as they may be consistently ahead of time in regards to technology. Recent data shows that the United States of America brings about the most VR Porn consumers over the past consecutive years, followed by Great Britain, Spain and France.

VR porn junkies’ favorite apparatus

It's not surprising that the Google Cardboard, offering the most economical alternative, is the hottest VR headset; 3 out of 4 individuals uses their product. After that there’s a tremendous opening to be stuffed as just 17% of all VR headset proprietors have purchased the Equipment VR and 8% use the higher priced Oculus.

Really, nearly 80% of all VR headset proprietors have used it to observe VR Porn. VirtualPorn360 provides movies for every one of those devices on their web site.