Monday, February 6, 2017

Did Virtual Reality Hit It Big in 2016?

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Did VR Hit It Big in 2016?

The emergence of VR seems to be a big hit and steadily improving elsewhere but not so much in the U.S. It’s not surprising that such technology would be lagging behind in the States, especially when it comes to VR porn.

The technology would likely advance further if tech gurus were more apt to look at it from a different angle. Rather than looking inward they could look at this emerging technology in a way that helps them understand what the public wants.

So did VR hit it big in the year 2016 like some proposed it would? While many households may not have a VR headset, there is still a ways to go before it’s considered mainstream. The cost of the headsets is just one obstacle for many as they can vary in price but many are expensive. Once more affordable options are released it’s likely to reach mainstream but highly doubtful until these decreased costs happen.

Of course, then you have the problem of available content for virtual reality systems. It’s rather lacking as VR technology is relatively new still. Unlike a 4K television that can successfully display traditional SD and HD content, VR headsets won’t allow you to watch just anything.

Another challenge, and possibly the largest one facing VR and its attempt to become mainstream is the complexities involved; both psychological and physical. VR sickness is an example. Our visual systems as human beings are rather complex so the best visuals on a VR headset could easily cause a viewer to feel nauseous. Prolonged exposure to VR in any form could definitely be difficult for people to handle.

Of course, VR technology is still relatively new and has a long way to go before it could possibly become mainstream but the possibility is not extinct. Virtual reality technology does face many issues and obstacles right now that could take some time to figure out. Right now, VR headsets are slowly evolving and improving but the main, basic experience for VR users has yet to change.

It’s hard to say if VR headsets will take off like many presume they will or if a new technology debut will be required to make it mainstream.